bullet built for revenge (friskycat) wrote in jfk_for_prez,
bullet built for revenge

if you're not in the mood for bitching, keep on moving

i have always felt a general sense of dislike for the way things are run in this country, but never so much anger and shame as i felt last night. i am sad and i am ASHAMED to be american. i do not want to raise my son in a country i am ashamed of. i do not want to raise my son in a society with so many shitty hangups that 11 states voted to ban gay marriage. i never felt unsafe in this country before bush became president. 9/11 isn't what changed that for me, I do not live in fear of terrorists, i live in fear of our president, soon to be dictator if things keep going his way. i fear what my son's future will be like if bush is allowed to continue destroying this country and everything it was supposed to stand for. people came to america to escape oppression, to have freedom of religion and be able to exercise their free will. for a while, things went forward. slavery was abolished, segregation in schools and public buildings and on public transportation was abolished, women and african americans were given the right to vote, abortion was made legal and women across the country stopped having to risk their lives to have a choice, and decade after decade, things generally got better and better. and i can't say difinitively that things only started getting worse when bush took office, but since then, our society has done nothing but regress. bush has tried to bring church into state even though it is quite obvious that he is not truly a practicing christian. yet he has tried to use faith as a reason for many horrible decisions. he has reversed the process of women gaining equal rights. he has nationally encouraged hatred based on sexual preference and tried to make our constitution a bigoted document. he is trying to renew the ban on abortion, which, maybe he doesn't want to realize, is not going to make abortion go away. women will go back to having it done illegally and risking their lives. his supposed war on terror is a joke and the war in iraq was unnecessary and dishonest and has killed so many innocent people that i can't even keep track. and don't even get me started on all the things he has done to screw over the poor and hungry in this country. it is sad to me that he has so easily brainwashed people with his scare tactics into believing that he is the only person in the world that can keep us safe, while he increases foreign hatred of america by the minute.

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