bullet built for revenge (friskycat) wrote in jfk_for_prez,
bullet built for revenge

explain it to me

i woke up today still pissed off. i just can't understand it. according to exit polls, the majority of people that voted for bush were voting based on "moral issues." so someone please fucking explain to me why 51% of americans of voting age believe that keeping america's gay sons and daughters from being able to marry their partners and taking away a woman's right to chose is more important then keeping america's sons and daughters from dying in a dishonest unnecessary war and helping america's sons and daughters that are living in poverty.

on a slightly unrelated note, since those of us without health insurance aren't going to be getting any help anytime soon, please go to the breastcancer website and donate a free mammogram to an underpriviledged woman. it will cost you no money whatsoever. go there every day and donate as many as you can.
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